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Refund Policy

At Globbing Shop, we value the satisfaction of our customers and strive to provide a fair and efficient refund process. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our refund guidelines.

Dispute Resolution Process

If you encounter any issue with your order, we encourage you to raise your concern directly through Globbing Shop. This is the quickest way to receive assistance, and not initiating a dispute through Globbing Shop might lead to account limitations.

Providing Evidence:

For Damaged Items: In the event of receiving a damaged item, please provide photos or videos clearly displaying the damage. If the damage is not easily visible in a photo, a video may be necessary for assessment.

For Service Complaints: If you have a complaint related to our service or product, kindly provide a screenshot of the communication containing the name, date, and details of the complaint. This documentation can come from various forms of communication, including emails, payment gateway disputes, or other relevant sources.

Product Returns: In some cases, our Dispute Resolution Team may request that the product be returned to the original supplier. Should this be necessary, Globbing Shop will offer detailed instructions and assistance throughout the return process, ensuring a smooth and transparent experience for you.

Orders Delayed

We understand the importance of timely delivery, but there may be instances of order delays. Below are our guidelines for addressing delayed orders based on tracking information:

a. USA Shipments: Delays for orders shipped to the USA will be addressed if they have not been delivered within 45 days after departing from our warehouse.

b. Brazil Shipments: Due to Brazil's customs regulations, orders to Brazil will be considered delayed if not delivered within 110 days after leaving our warehouse.

c. Liquid Products Postal Service: For orders containing liquids and shipped using this method to any country, delays will be addressed if the order has not been delivered within 100 days after departure from our warehouse.

d. Special Shipping Methods: Certain special shipping methods may have limitations, and we may not be able to address delays for these methods. Please refer to our detailed shipping policy for more information.

Notes on Order Delivery Issues

Pending Orders at Local Post Offices: Occasionally, an order may reach the nearest post office to the buyer but remain pending due to reasons such as an insufficient address, unclaimed package, incorrect address number, and more. In such cases, we recommend customers proactively contact their local post office or visit it for a quicker resolution.

Special Delivery Conditions in Israel: In Israel, various factors such as national practices, contact number issues, and religious beliefs often lead to packages being delivered to self pick-up cabinets, causing potential delays. Customers in Israel are advised to contact their local post office or visit it directly to expedite delivery.

Discrepancies in Local Tracking: There may be situations where local tracking indicates a package has been delivered, but the customer claims non-receipt. In these cases, Globbing Shop will conduct an investigation to verify the actual delivery status. Please note that this process can be lengthy (up to 1-2 months), and while we aim for a positive outcome, it is not guaranteed.

Orders Not Received

Globbing Shop is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, but there are scenarios where action may be limited based on tracking information.

Order Delivered According to Tracking: If the tracking information confirms delivery, Globbing Shop will not be able to process a refund or resend the order. Customers are encouraged to verify their delivery location or contact the local delivery service in such instances.

a. Non-Delivery Certification: If your package is marked as delivered in the tracking information but has not been received, obtaining a non-delivery certification from your local post office with an official seal is necessary to proceed with a claim.

Tracking Information Alerts: If the tracking information displays an 'Alert' status, it may be due to various reasons, including:

a) Incorrect or Insufficient Address b) No Such Number at the Address c) Unknown Recipient d) Refused by Recipient e) Not Picked Up in Time f) No Safe Delivery Location Available g) Uncleared Customs h) Other Miscellaneous Reasons

Delivery Attempts and Unclaimed Packages:

Our local delivery partners will make 1-3 attempts to deliver packages based on specific circumstances. If a package remains unclaimed, it will be held at the local post office for 3-7 days. We advise customers to pick up their package within this holding period. Failure to claim the package in time may result in its return to our logistics partner. Globbing Shop must clarify that we are not responsible for any loss of products that occurs during the return process to the sender.

Products Damaged

At Globbing Shop, we are committed to ensuring the quality and integrity of products upon delivery.

Severely Damaged Packages: We offer a full refund or a replacement for packages that arrive with significant damage.

Partially Damaged Packages: For packages that arrive with minor damages (excluding issues like minor thread issues, slight wrinkling, or small scratches), we offer a partial refund or a replacement.

Additional Notes on Damaged Products:

a. Fragile Products: For items that are fragile, we highly recommend opting for a refund.

b. Damaged Packaging: Due to the complexities of long-distance international delivery, Globbing Shop cannot offer refunds or other after-sale services for products whose only issue is damaged packaging.

c. Complaints and Disputes for Ordinary and Electronic Products: Customers should report any issues or open a dispute within 30 days after the delivery of ordinary or electronic products.

d. Service Products: For service products, Globbing Shop will assess the issue and work towards a satisfactory resolution. Refunds or alternative solutions will be provided based on the specific circumstances and agreed terms between both parties.

Please review these policies carefully, and if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team at